How will my loved one stay in touch with their friends?

By Machaela Magennis, 7:08 am on

Friendships and socialisation are so important to people of all ages. We instil the importance of friendships at a very young age, and this importance certainly doesn’t diminish over time. In fact, as we age, it can become more difficult to make new friends, or to meet new people outside of our traditional circle of friends.

How can seniors make friends?

There are so many ways that seniors can continue to be social with old and new friends. Clubs, associations, community events, education classes, even social media are excellent ways to connect with new friends from all walks of life. Younger generations may find it easy to make friends, but for some older adults, problems with mobility, language, hearing and learning can make these efforts at socialisation a bit more difficult. That’s where the care partners at Home Care Assistance can help!

Before we start caring for our clients, we meet with them to find out their needs and goals, which often include enabling them to continue with their favourite activities. We can help our clients to find ways to connect with others, teach them how to use technology, transport them to classes and events, help take their dog for a walk and read to them for fun or self-education. These simple gestures can help older adults stay in touch with lifelong friends and can truly enrich their senior years. In fact, the personalised and consistent care from our own staff often creates friendships and strong bonds between our care partners and our clients. When it comes to friendship, you can never have too many good friends.

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