The benefits of Home Care

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The statistics on Home Care

According to the Australian Government Productivity Commission’s 2015 report entitled “Housing Decisions of OIder Australians”, over 60% of older Australians would strongly prefer Home Care to an Aged Care facility.  Having moved house myself many times, I can appreciate how the older members of our population feel.  Aside from the convenience and emotional ties that our elderly loved ones have to their home, the report found that home care is cost effective.  It also recommended that the Government make several policy changes to assist people to stay at home.

Some of these changes have already been implemented.  Now clients are able to choose who provides their care under a Home Care Package.  Previously funding was allocated to a provider, and clients could access the care from certain providers when they had the availability. This new system of allocating funding offers great choice for the consumer.  But what are the benefits of home care?

The Benefits of Home Care

You can live independently in your own home and be a part of the community for as long as possible for home care.  This is so important to combat social isolation, because you know your local Doctor, Pharmacist, Grocer, Butcher, Hairdresser and community groups.  Your friends and family know where you live and can visit you at times that suit you.

With the right home care provider, you can choose how you like your cleaning, shopping and meal preparation done.  This gives you flexibility on how and when you would like to have carers come into your home. 

You would love to keep your memories within your own walls, and you can with care in your home.

Your family won’t have the stress and emotional worry about selling and moving home.

Here are some points for you to consider when choosing a home care provider:

Questions to ask Home Care Providers

  • Will someone answer the phone when I call? 
  • Will you be able to call your provider 7 days a week?
  • Can they be flexible around your needs and offer extra hours if you need them?
  • Will you have reliable, consistent carers coming into your home?
  • How can you trust who is entering your home? 
  • Will you be personally introduced to your carer on their first day?
  •  What entry, exit, case management and administration fees are you paying?
  • Can your provider help you find tradespeople and allied health professionals?
  • Can your carers look after your personal care needs, meals, transportation, social activities, shopping and cognitive activities?
  • Are the carers qualified, experienced, Police cleared and appropriately skilled?

If you would like to find out the top six questions you should ask your Home Care Provider, visit and request a free consultation. Or if you call 07 3314 2575, we will answer the phone!

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