Stroke Care

Stroke Care Is Beneficial for Seniors in Brisbane North

Surviving a stroke is certainly reason to celebrate. However, the recovery process can often mean a long road ahead. Physical and cognitive decline are common for senior stroke survivors, but having the right team of professionals gives them a better chance for a full recovery. For many seniors, Home Care Assistance of Brisbane North, QLD, is an important part of that team. Our professional stroke care partners support seniors as they work to regain independence. With our help, many enjoy an easier, more rewarding, and more successful recovery in the comfort of home. 

Our Stroke Care Partners Receive Extensive Training

When hiring a home caregiver to assist with recovery following a stroke, experience matters. If the caregiver is not well-equipped to effectively meet the individual care needs of the senior, safety and recovery are often compromised. At Brisbane North Home Care Assistance, our professional stroke care partners are the best of the best, industry leaders who dedicate their lives to senior care. Each caregiver undergoes an in-depth screening process before becoming a part of our team, and ongoing training is provided through our innovative Home Care University. Knowing a senior is being cared for by a dedicated professional gives families peace of mind and helps stroke survivors feel completely confident in the care they receive. 

Flexible Plans Facilitate Stroke Recovery

There is no set timeline for stroke recovery. The process may take weeks or months, and many seniors will experience setbacks along the way. At Home Care Assistance in Brisbane North, our flexible stroke home care makes it easy to ensure stroke recovery assistance is always appropriate and beneficial. Families can easily move from hourly to live-in care, and stroke care plans can easily be modified as changes in health occur. Our Care Managers remain on call so assistance is always available, helping seniors and families relax, knowing expert care is close at hand. 

If your loved one has experienced a stroke, Home Care Assistance is here to support him or her. We are also a leading provider of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s care. Call us today at 07 3314 2575 to request a free in-home evaluation. 

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