What to do when you retire?

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What can I do in retirement?

Many of us dream of the day we can retire. All that free time!  The reality is that we can’t all retire according to plan.  We all have a unique set of circumstances that will determine how and when we will retire. Some people plan for an early retirement. However for others, their retirement comes earlier than expected for a variety of reasons. Apart from financial and health considerations, there are also social and activity related considerations we must plan for.

After being so active in work, school, social events, and the lives of our families and friends. For some people, retirement can also be met with feelings of unpreparedness, loss, uselessness and maybe a little depression.

Here is a list of popular choices that you can start when you retire.


Day trips, overseas travel, caravanning or even being a tourist in your own city.  Half the fun of travel is in the planning, and the rest is in the food. I mean the joy of experiencing new cultures and visiting sights! There is a lot of fun awaiting just for you. For more information go to Trivago.

Take up a new class 

Did you ever want to learn how to use a computer, a musical instrument, a foreign language or take up dancing? Organisations like U3A have a fantastic range of classes, and there are many more classes you can find too on the internet.


Think about what you loved doing as a child. When you retire, you can do many of the same hobbies.  Maybe not climbing trees (unless you are particularly agile), but painting, dress making, ceramics, drawing, colouring in, music, cooking, woodworking, gardening, photography, genealogy and crafting are all great hobbies.

Clean / Declutter

Instead of your typical spring cleaning, do a ‘retirement’ clean and organise, simplify and declutter your house.


There are many groups that need volunteers to help with their cause. You could select a cause that is near and dear to your heart or go to one of many sites on the internet that will match your skills and contact them about volunteering. For more information about volunteering.


Everyone has a story to tell, so why not tell yours? This doesn’t have to be a huge tome, but a short story of your life, a blog, or even articles for the local paper.

Social Organisations

Join meet-up groups that are geared to certain interests or populations. Clubs that are focused around books, chess, astronomy, or gem and mineral exploration are great opportunities.


Spend more time with family, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren. For the older grandchildren, you could attend school and sporting activities, take them to special events, zoos, museums, sports games.

You can offer to babysit the younger grandchildren. Help with their education by reading to them, drilling them on upcoming quizzes, help with special projects and tutor where needed, or volunteer to take literacy and numeracy groups in their class.


Participate in a sport that interests you, such as fishing, hiking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, surfing or scuba diving.

Sports Leagues

Join a sports league to play regularly. Sports such as bowling, tennis or golf.

Spiritual Activities

Meditate, learn yoga, and get involved in your church activities.

Stay Fit

Help ward off the ailments that come with old age and sitting by walking, exercising or going to a gym.


For some occasional quiet time, sit down with a good book. You can read for enjoyment or to learn something new. You can join a local library or start a book club with your friends.

Special Events

Go to plays or concerts, watch movies, attend the theatre or special events hosted close by (or further afield if you like!)

Play Games

Challenge yourself by playing games against others on the internet. Some great games include Bridge and Words with Friends.

Create a Bucket List

Write down a list of things you’ve always wanted to do, but never could because of time, money or courage. Set a goal to do, and cross off one thing on the list once a month.

Start a Business

There are lots of network marketing opportunities for you to expand your network and even earn an income. Starting a business on the internet is easier than ever and has very little start-up cost associated with it.

With all of these ideas, it will be hard to find time to feel at a loss any more.  What would you do when you retire if you had the opportunity?  If you are retired now, what are you doing to keep busy?


To find out how we can help enrich your life in retirement, call 07 3314 2575 or visit and send an enquiry on line.

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